Gaia offers a highly sophisticated conveyance package that helps clients identify and mitigate cable sticking risks during their wireline operations. The cable sticking risk is evaluated by close examination of modelled cable forces in relation to the wellbore trajectory, lithologies and pore pressures. If the cable sticking risk is deemed high (or there has been a history of cable sticking) then wireline standoffs (WLSOs) can be deployed in a custom array to cover the sticky zones in the wellbore, thus mitigating the risk of keyseating and/or differential sticking.

Gaia’s goal is to enable safer wireline operations whilst saving clients time and money:

  • WLSOs help avoid fishing operations and associated charges
  • WLSOs enable cost effective wireline acquisition instead of pipe conveyed logging or LWD
  • WLSOs protect wireline jars and cable release heads which can result in fishing operations if compromised
  • WLSOs enable heavier logging strings to be safely deployed in tortuous, soft and/or depleted wellbores (fewer logging runs and less rig time)
  • WLSOs support lower cost well designs with short set casing which also include open hole build sections without increasing wireline operational risk

Clients benefiting from WLSOs:

WLSO track record:
  • Total WLSO interventions: 32
  • Wells with WLSO's deployed: 18
  • Cable sticking or fishing jobs with WLSO's deployed: 0
  • Total WLSO's run in hole to date: 771
  • Average WLSO array size: ≈ 24
  • Maximum WLSO array size: ≈ 48
  • Maximum sticky zones covered: ≈ 3
  • Optimal installation time, per WLSO < 2 mins
  • Maximum depth deployed: ≈ 30,500 ftMDbrt
  • Maximum pressure deployed: ≈ 20 Kpsi
  • Maximum temperature deployed: ≈ 200C
  • Maximum open hole angle WLSOs deployed: ≈ 56⁰
  • Maximum time in hole (1 array): ≈ 3 days
  • Maximum time on the wall: ≈ 10 hours
  • Maximum overbalance protected: ≈ 9,500 psi
  • Maximum cable thrust protected: ≈ 14.4 lbs/m

All WLSO deployments are managed using Gaia's proprietary wireline modelling package: Wire-Pro

For further details please see SPE paper 174068 (link to abstract) or contact products@gaia-earth.co.uk

WLSO patents: 5 granted (US & UK)