QA/QC of wireline equipment & logs

These are services in vendor quality assurance for wireline logging and other contractors to ensure that preparation and execution of operations goes smoothly. This also includes witnessing the logging programme at the wellsite.

  • petrophysical vendor QA/QC auditing
  • wireline cased-hole & production logging QA/QC
  • detailed logging procedures & risk assessments
  • tender preparation & evaluation
  • special projects: deep-water, HPHT, remote op's
  • wireline logging QA/QC & operations' management
  • wireline logging equipment preparation checks & loadout
  • objective logging failure investigations & followup
  • wireline contracts
  • training courses on wireline & petrophysics

"Log QA Plus", LQP

LQP is a logging QA service which includes an audit of the logging company's crew/tools/procedures before the job, during the job as a technical witness and then provides post-job followup and analysis of failure etc.. It consists of the following steps:

  • Determine that the logging contractor has done all that might be reasonably expected of them to ensure that the logging job proceeds with minimum amount of lost time and that data of the highest possible quality is delivered.
  • Ensure that the logging contractor has adhered to their own quality standards and procedures.
  • Provide the client with an independent assessment of the logging contractor's personnel. This includes establishing their qualifications, training and also any specific requirements the client may have already established with the logging contractor (eg: minimum level of field experience).
  • Ensure that the downhole equipment used meets the necessary requirements. Particular attention will be paid to calibrations, maintenance and pre-job checks, with verification of serial numbers and verification of software versions to be used for the job and pre-job checks.
  • Advice on logging programmes to ensure cost effective service selection.