QA/QC of LWD/MWD equipment & logs

These are services in vendor quality assurance for LWD/MWD and other contractors to ensure that preparation and execution of operations goes smoothly.

Services include:

  • Review of the logging provider's Quality Plan and assurance that it fully addresses the client's requirements laid out in the drilling programme
  • Ensure that the proposed BHAs match the suggested strings in the drilling programme
  • Ensure that the mobilisation plan and maintenance schedules (e.g. planned tool swaps) are well organised
  • Consolidate the maintenance records for all BHA assets with swift resolution of any technical issues
  • Supervise the tool assemblies and outgoing system tests
  • Ensure the TPI companies for NDT & lifting equipment have clear sets of inspection standards and criteria in place
  • Review all NDT certification for BHA components and physically inspect the slings/baskets/shackles against the TPI certificates
  • Remote tracking of job performance with continuous data QC & interpretation