Gaia Earth Sciences has an active R&D programme in wireline conveyance.

Expertise & models are available for:

  • Evaluation of wireline conveyance systems for specific environments
  • Evaluation of wireline tool-string configurations for specific environments
  • Evaluation of wireline accessories for specific environments
  • Advanced wireline conveyance modelling including:
    • Well class identification for general conveyance assessment
    • Integration of LAS data for identification of potential sticky zones in the wellbore
    • Integration of differential sticking forces to cable force (tension) modelling
    • Pore pressure sensitivity for differential sticking and maximum pull at surface
    • 3D cable path routing for formation contact (drag) estimates
    • Evaluation of relative sticking risk for a series of station logs (e.g. formation sampling) – identification of risky stations
  • Benchmarking sticking risks for a campaign of wells

If any of the above subjects are of interest then please get in touch r_and_d@gaia-earth.co.uk